Dubai Family Photographers: Childrens Beach Shoot

20th May 2011
Childrens Beach Shoot

I had a fab morning down at the beach doing another kids photo shoot in the Dubai sun, the boys were great and loved getting in the water to play with their toys and cool down. As with all types of Childrens Photography, patience was the name of the game to capture those cheeky moments only kids are able to create. Below are a few of the photos from the day.

Tom is a professional photographer living in Dubai. Childrens photography can be done at any location within Dubai. This allows kid’s to be themselves and results in natural fresh vibrant looking photographs. Dubai is a perfect place to take advantage of the natural surroundings, and for those who will not be here forever, a great way to capture your child and the place you live in at the same time. Childrens photographs can be done from any age, right from newborn babies at 2 weeks and up. Baby photography is done in the comfort of your own home. More time is allowed for baby photography as they need feeding and changing regularly. For the stunning signature newborn baby photographs, we recommend booking your baby photographer when your baby is at 2 weeks. Take advantage to use one of the best professional photographers in Dubai with very competitive prices.

If you would like to book either a maternity / pregnancy photoshoot or a newborn baby or childre’s photo shoot, please either contact me via the email or you can call me on +971 (0)55 591 9912.

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