Dubai and Abu Dhabi Photographers - Fine Art Printing

21st December 2013
Fine Art Papers and Prints - Dubai and Abu Dhabi Photographers .

Our Fine Art Paper comes from an award winning collection of genuine artist papers, used by artists and photographers for exclusive photography and prints that are to superior gallery and museum standard .

The paper is made from 100% cotton, with a selection of gloss finishes ranging from a subtle satin gloss through to a high gloss. The fine art paper provides an impressive and unique way to combine the precision of digital print media with the wonderful grace of genuine artist papers made in the traditional way. The fine art paper gives the ‘wow’ factor to printed photographs that is not achieved with standard photo papers, and it gives a unique experience to touch and feel the genuine art paper.

Our Baby Photography packages include a large A4 size fine art print which you can then take away and frame, we find that it is better for you to select your own frame which is in keeping with your taste and other decorations in your home.