UAE Wedding Photography FAQ's

07th September 2011
Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should we choose you?
A. Choosing us is a very personal choice, I find that most couples choose us as their Wedding Photographer because they like our photography style, we get on well when we first meet and they appreciate good quality photography and products. Being well organised, reliable and professional whist at the same time being easy to get along with goes a long way , that’s why we are lucky to get repeat work from many of our clients after the wedding day which is a testament to what we are doing.

Q. What happens after we book our wedding with you?
A. Once you have booked and have paid the deposit, the date is booked with us. You will receive a booking confirmation document which confirms your package, with dates and times of the approximate schedule for the day. We will probably have already met you at an initial meeting to discuss your wedding day in general, but we will set up another meeting with you to go through the details and to find out what your specific requirements are for the big day. We can also go through our standard wedding agreement, this isn’t anything to worry about, it’s a very simple to under stand document that explains what both parties are to expect from the other.

If you are having a full day wedding, the date is kept entirely free so that we do not take any other bookings for that day, ensuring total dedication for you and your wedding day.

Q. Can we still organise our wedding photography with you without meeting?
A. We regularly have clients who not resident in the UAE and are not able to meet us before they arrive. We can organise everything through email and by phone to make sure we have gone through all the details of your wedding as we would have done when meeting face to face, we aim to give you the same top service even if we are not able to meet you before your wedding.

Q. What is the deposit and how do we make payment?
A. We take a 20% deposit to secure your date, with the balance payment being made either on the wedding day or before it. Payment can be made in either cash, cheque or via a direct bank transfer.

Q. How Many Photos will I get?
A. This is a common question and in our opinion can be misleading when considering your wedding photographer. Be careful of those who are offering a high number of pictures in order to secure bookings, in all likelihood you will end up receiving a larger quantity of lower quality and repetitive images. Similarly, those who are only offering a very small number of photos, you will more than likely be charged heavily for additional photos after the wedding when you decide that the number of photos they have provided is not enough. We try to strike a balance, making sure you have plenty of good quality photos to choose from. The final amount of photos will depend on how many hours you have booked us for and what package you have chosen. On average for a full day you can expect to receive up to 500.

Q. How Will I receive my Photos?
A. As standard all wedding couples will receive their final images professionally edited in both colour and black and white on a reusable branded USB. The images will be in high resolution for printing, all watermark free. You will also receive a free private password protected web gallery where you can log in and view your images along with family and friends if you wish.

Our exclusive albums are the optimum way to display your wedding photographs, they will really look their best when printed and bound in one of our handmade Italian albums. If you have chosen a package which includes an album, we will design the album from scratch in house in coordination with you.

Q. When will we receive our photos?
A. It will generally take 3-4 weeks for your photos to be ready. For your album, to design, review, alter and manufacture it can be around 10 weeks from the time your have selected your photos. The durations may vary depending on the time of year and the length of time it takes to finalise your album design. All albums are hand made and shipped from Italy so all these factors can vary the overall duration.

Q. We don’t really like to pose for our photos, is that a problem?
A. Many couples feel nervous or they just feel a bit silly posing for photographs. This is completely normal and common so don’t let it spoil your day, we can make sure that posed shots are kept to a minimum and for the ones where you are posing we’ll make you feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera. We always try to incorporate more fun and natural shots in the couple portraits, as well as the candid pictures taken throughout the day. We would still recommend allocating around an hour during the daytime for some intimate couple portrait pictures that can be styled according to your taste and preference.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book?
A. Due to the climate in the UAE, the popular wedding months are from September to April with the weekend dates during the coolest months booking up early. We would recommend that booking your photographer should be near the top of your list, next to booking your wedding venue.

Q. What is your style of photography?
A. Our natural photography style is to combine modern and contemporary with a candid or photojournalistic style. This gives you the perfect blend of our signature portraits of the bride and groom with the fun and spontaneous candid images taken throughout the day. This tells the true story of your wedding day and will capture the real emotions as they happen. Of course, we often get specific requests from our clients which we are more than happy to accommodate, we offer you the choice of how you would like to remember your wedding day with any specific photographic style that you may prefer.

What we will do on your wedding day is let you enjoy it, it’s YOUR wedding day and we are there as privileged guests. We do not do arrogant and we do not do bossy, we will record the day with beautiful pictures and just let you simply enjoy it.

Q. Have you worked at our wedding venue previously?
A. We have been to the majority of wedding venues here, so more than likely we have photographed at your venue. With all the development in the UAE new venues are always appearing so if we havent been to your venue before, we will always make sure that we have visited the venue before your wedding to plan the environment and photographic opportunities.

Q. How many times can we meet prior to the wedding?
A. We will generally meet initially to discuss your requirements and to establish whether we are your preferred photographer. Once commissioned then we will meet a second time to go through specifics of the wedding day, what your aspirations are and discuss the rough schedule. We are also happy to meet at the venue if you would like to go through anything at the venue or look at any particular locations where your want some photos to be taken.

Q. Do you use professional photography equipment?
A. We upgrade our photography equipment to ensure that it is state of the art and you receive the benefits of modern photography.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. We work predominantly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but travel internationally for commissions.

Q. What if I want more than one photographer?
A. Having more than one photographer is a great way of getting additional pictures and capturing the events from another viewpoint. If you would like to add an additional photographer just let us know.

Q. Why are some photographers twice or even three times your price?
A. Well that’s a difficult one to answer, I suppose they would need to tell you that. We focus on providing top quality photography at a realistic price, we do not take advantage of where we are in the world by charging more for what we do than we would anywhere else. Working without a studio location means our overheads are less than they would be otherwise. What matters to us is that you get the best possible pictures from your wedding day, we believe that our rates are fair and that our final photographs are some of the best in the area.

Q. What if you are sick and cannot attend on the wedding day?
A. In the unlikely event that I am not personally able to attend your wedding day due to illness or other unaccountable situation, a replacement photographer will be on hand to step in. It is a rare scenario, equal to the chances of either the bride or groom being taken ill.

Q. You have set packages but can I change some of the details?
A. Our packages have been developed over time to represent the most popular set of services and products that our couples have wanted. They are based on what couples actually need rather than include for things which you don’t, that way you are not charged for something you don’t want or need.
If any of the packages are not exactly what you are looking for, we are more than happy for a bespoke package to be developed based on your specific requirements. Get in touch and we can discuss it further.

Q. Who will be the actual person taking our wedding photography?
A. Tom will be the person you meet before the wedding and the person at the wedding. This gives you the assurance that you will have the photographer you have met and the style you have seen represented on the website. We do not sub contract wedding bookings to any other photographers.

Q. What editing do you do to the photographs?
A. Our photography style and aim is to provide you with beautiful, natural and honest photographs, this is captures in the way that the photo is taken using the light, location, pose and composition – rather than photoshop tricks.

We colour correct images and ensure that exposure, and other elements of the photo are adjusted to obtain the most pleasing results. We also tidy up any images we feel is necessary and spend a little more time on the key couple shots to make the overall appearances more appealing.

We do provide some unique digitally enhanced and creative artistic effects on some images if suitable, these are done by request so please just ask.

Q. I have seen some wedding pictures that I love, can you do some the same?
A. Of course, if you have a particular style, some examples that you have seen just send copies before the wedding day and we will do our best to emulate them and provide something similar.